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The stories clients tell us about the problems they face provide us with a unique insight into issues affecting people across the country. Through our statistics, research and case studies we are able to influence policy makers and change things for the better. You can get more info on national campaigns and get involved by signing up on our campaigns page.

These are some of our current National Campaigns - click on the picture icons and links to find out more:

 Dialling Down Debt

 We’ve been campaigning to improve the debt collection practices of mobile phone providers. This includes letting customers put a cap on their monthly spending. The law is now going to be changed from October 2018   so customers will be able to put a cap on their mobile phone bill.  Find out more about our campaign here:

 Dialling Down Debt link to Citizens Advice


Talk About Abuse

We have an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse and encourage family and friends to notice signs someone may be being abused.  Read about the campaign on our national website here Talk About Abuse Campaign

Video for the Talk About Abuse campaign

Secure Self Employment

We know from our advisers that many people come to us who are self-employed find that it can be a complicated process, and also many people end up in jobs that are really a bogus kind of self-employment that is designed more to help their employer avoid the costs of having an employee. We have a national campaign to try and make self-employment a more secure option and you can read about it here: Secure Self-Employment campaign  We have a Self employment quiz you might like to try here:

Secure Self-Employment Quiz 


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